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Digital coins can be used to pay for the goods and services of those who accept them. They can be exchanged through the special exchange for traditional currencies.
Issued by: System users who use computing capacity of their equipment for maintenance of system operation (mining). The emission is decentralized and limited by volume and time, the final volume is algorithmically limited by 21 million. 
The Bitcoin price dynamics is based on the confidence in them, it is formed exclusively by the relationship between supply and demand. The system has no central body that could control the emission, influence and accept the rate, or make other payments in Bitcoin. Therefore, the actual value of Bitcoin depends on the dynamics of the global amount of goods and services you can buy for it.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash, or BCH, is a variety of Bitcoin (BTC). On August 1, 2017, Bitcoin was split into two currencies after a two-year dispute. Bitcoin Cash came about as a result of a dispute between Bitcoin miners‘ communities over the scalability of the currency. Since Bitcoin Cash is a variant of Bitcoin, anyone who has Bitcoins will have the same number of Bitcoin Cash units if certain conditions are met. Bitcoin Cash is a decentralized currency issued by other users who have enough hardware and software resources to support them. The bitcoin cash rate depends entirely on supply and demand. Its actual value is determined by the total amount of goods and services that you can buy with Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin/EUR  (BTC/EUR)

Bitcoin – the cryptocurrency unit of the payment system of the same name. Within this payment system, client programs running on multiple computers are interconnected in a peer-to-peer network, with each node being the same and self-sufficient. It is impossible to administer the system publicly or privately, including changing the total number of bitcoins. Bitcoin is in high demand today. It can be exchanged for Fiat currency through special exchanges or used directly as a means of payment. Bitcoin is accepted by many of the largest online shops and online services. The pricing of the cryptocurrency compared to conventional Fiat money is not regulated by any authority and depends on the natural demand and the natural offer.
Exhibitors: Users of the system use the computing power of their equipment to maintain the system (mining). The output is decentralized and unlimited.
The price movement of Bitcoin is based on confidence in itself and is formed solely by the balance of demand and supply. In the absence of a central authority that could control the issue or influence the exchange rate and accept or oblige others to accept payments in Bitcoin, the actual value of Bitcoin also depends on the dynamics of the global amount of goods and services that may be available she bought.

Bitcoin Gold  (BTG/USD)

Bitcoin Gold BTG/USD is a new cryptocurrency based on the Bitcoin blockchain. Bitcoin Gold is another bitcoin hard fork that followed Bitcoin Cash. It was created by Jack Liao, the CEO of Lightning ASIC, a Hong Kong-based digital coin mining company. The Bitcoin hard fork that led to the launch of Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold took place on October 24, 2017. On November 12, 2017, Bitcoin Gold Mining was made public, while new blocks were added to Blockchain. As expected, the blockchain release has aroused much interest. Even two days before the release, the price rose significantly and reached $ 500. Bitcoin Gold aims to become a better digital gold than regular BTC. The developers intend to achieve this goal by solving the mining centralization problem through the proof-of-work algorithm (P-o-W).

BitcoinCash/Bitcoin  (BCH/BTC)

BCH/BTC is a symbol showing the price of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) against Bitcoin (BTC), the most popular cryptocurrency out there, i.e. how much Bitcoin you need to buy one Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash, or BCH, is a variety, or fork, of Bitcoin (BTC). The fork was created on Aug 1, 2017, after an unresolved dispute in the miners‘ communities regarding Bitcoin scaling. Bitcoin (BTC) is a currency unit used within a payment system with the same name. In Bitcoin environment, clients software runs on multiple computers working together within a single peer-to-peer network, which means every node of the network is independent and self-sufficient. BTC is a decentralized currency issued by other users who have enough hardware and software resources to support it. BCH/BTC rate depends entirely on the supply and demand. BCH/BTC price is determined by the popularity of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, its fork.


DASH is not just another digital currency, it is also a payment system that is completely decentralized. DASH was founded in 2014 and its name has been changed three times, formerly known as Xcoin and Darkcoin. The DASH technology is based on a Bitcoin experience, but also has its own unique features. DASH is among the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Its founders have ambitious expectations and are determined to create a digital currency to compete with Bitcoin, the pioneer of the cryptocurrency. DASH is issued by users who use their equipment capacity to support the system and reduce new currency units. Issuing DASH is completely decentralized. The maximum number of coins issued is 22 million. However, it is expected that only 16M or 18M coins will be issued in the future. Changes in DASH prices are based on supply and demand on exchanges. Its actual value depends on the number of coins and the amount of goods and services that you can buy with DASH. DASH is actively promoted by a professional team, which means that the popularity and price of this cryptocurrency can continue to grow significantly.


Ethereum is a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin and based on Blockchain for recording data on monetary transactions. Ethereum is often seen as a competitor to Bitcoin, but that’s not necessarily the case. Ethereum technology offers a unique opportunity. With Ethereum, you can register any transaction with any asset based on a distributed database of block-type contracts that avoids traditional legal procedures. It applies a so-called technology of „intelligent contracts“. Users of the system use the calculation capacities of their equipment for the maintenance of the system – mining. The price dynamic of Ethereum is based on the trust placed in it and is formed solely by a balance of supply and demand on the stock exchanges. There is no central office that can influence its price or ask others to accept payments in that cryptocurrency. Therefore, the actual value of the currency depends on the issue of the goods and services that can be purchased for them.

Ethereum/Bitcoin  (ETH/BTC)

ETH/BTC is a symbol that indicates the price of Ethereum (ETH) against Bitcoin (BTC), the most popular cryptocurrency; H. How much Bitcoin it takes to buy an Ethereum. Ethereum, or Ether, is the second most important cryptocurrency by capitalization. Basically, Ethereum is the name for a blockchain platform, so the currency is often called ether. The platform was first created in 2013, but only in 2015, when it began to work. Its creator is Vitalik Buterin, a Russian-Canadian software developer. Bitcoin is the best-known and most widely used cryptocurrency known to this day. It was first issued in 2009. Its total capitalization has recently reached $ 100B, making this digital currency an attractive investment vehicle. With Bitcoin fiber grows as an ethereum, ETH / BTC will perish. Conversely, if the price of Ethereum grows faster than Bitcoin, ETH / BTC will rise.

Ethereum Classic – Popular Cryptocurrency


Litecoin is the second largest in terms of digital currency popularity and digitalization, an alternative to Bitcoin. It can be used to pay for the goods and services as well as being exchanged for traditional or digital currencies. Litecoin is issued and maintained by a decentralized user network, which makes government regulation and price manipulation impossible by changing the coin supply. The amount of litecoins is algorithmically limited by 84 million coins. The price for Litecoin depends only on the supply and demand balance and is actually determined by the trust in this digital currency as a means of payment for the goods and services. High volatility of Litecoin offers a good opportunity to make a profit.

Litecoin/Bitcoin (LTC/BTC)

LTC/BTC is a symbol that shows the price of Litecoin (LTC) against Bitcoin (BTC), the most popular cryptocurrency; H. How much Bitcoin do you need to buy a Litecoin? Litecoin is one of Bitcoin’s alternative payment and investment options. This digital currency is among the top 5 after cap. You can trade Litecoin for BTC or real money and pay for goods and services in stores that accept them as a payment method. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency known so far. It was first issued in 2009. Its total capitalization has recently reached $ 100B, making this digital currency an attractive investment vehicle. Bitcoin and Litecoin prices are determined by the exchange and depend on the popularity of these digital coins as a payment method. As Bitcoin grows faster than Litecoin, LTC / BTC will fall. Conversely, if Litecoin price grows faster than Bitcoin, LTC / BTC will go up.


XRP is a digital currency that is part of the ripple system developed by Ripple Labs. XRP is not a competitor to famous cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Litecoin, as they were created as an alternative to traditional money, while ripple is a kind of bank system with its own currency. XRAP is published by Ripple Labs. The total number of XRP is 100B, with each XPR unit divided into 1M parts called „drops“. XRP price changes are based on supply and demand on the EXMO Stock Exchange. However, Ripple Labs may intervene if the exchange rate is changed. Therefore, XRP is centralized and regulated.

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