Trading platform Libertex

Interview with Head of the Product Department – Inside LIBERTEX

Trading platform Libertex

Eduardo Remedios


We interviewed Eduardo Remedios, Head of the Product Department to find out more about Libertex and the current trends taking place in the market.

Eduardo Remedios has over fifteen years’ experience in managing the development of mobile, tablet and desktop products in finance, eGaming and retail and has been based in Spain, London, Malta, Gibraltar and the Philippines, developing solutions that place the customer at heart.


Libertex is an international brand with a twenty years’ history of operating in financial markets and online commerce. Since 1997, Libertex has helped investors to effectively trade stocks, currencies, indices, commodities, gold, oil, gas, and many other financial instruments. Libertex provides first-class services to more than 2,200,000 clients in Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Libertex has more than 150 commercial instruments available. Named “Best Trading Application Eurasian Economic Union 2016” by Global Banking & Finance Review.

What are the current trends you see taking place in the market?

There are several main trends within the retail financial market. One of the most important is the simplification of access to financial products and services as the demand for effective investments on financial market grows. Libertex reflects the demand for simplicity of use and an effective product. It allows everyday people to operate in financial markets with the most popular financial instruments. In short, it is a simple and efficient trading terminal and provides a high quality, top-end solution for all investors.

When creating this terminal we set our goal to create a platform that will be convenient and easy to use for all traders, in the same way that an iPhone is in the world of smartphones, or that is in the sphere of travelling and tourism products.

Trading platform Libertex

What distinguishes Libertex from other financial trading platforms?

As I said earlier, Libertex gives one access to the most popular financial instruments (currencies, metals, stocks, energy resources, indices, etc.) via a single application that works across desktop and mobile devices.The key advantage of Libertex: all trading characteristics (such as spreads, lots, margin, bids, etc.) are incorporated into the core of the system. The user has to know the asset, the amount of a transaction and the direction of movement only. A number of technical analysis instruments and fundamental investment ideas are also available. The technology being used enables an investor to focus on their own investment decisions without paying too much attention to the technical aspects of collaboration with a broker/dealer. Please look at this short video to learn more about Libertex functionality.

The terminal would be useful for both major and minor investors.Those who wish to test Libertex in a safe environment would be happy to know that they can do so with a demo account.

What advantages does your trading platform offer?

It is important to point out that the amount of risk for an investor is limited by the sum of their investment into a particular transaction, not by the balance of their account, which is customary for traditional Forex trading platforms. The Platform offers traders an opportunity to invest sums that exceed a user’s book value, but frees investors from complicated calculations of margin security. This happens via a multiplication mechanism (it replaces the traditional concept of leverage). For instance, when investing $5,000 into oil with a multiplier of 10, one enters into a transaction for $50,000, but the maximum amount of loss in this case does not exceed $5,000.

Libertex Login

What is the technical background of Libertex?

The modern version of Liberteх web terminal operates on the basis of HTML5 and Backbone framework. The Absence of Flash and Silverlight technologies makes the terminal cross-platform. There are also HTML5 mobile applications for iOS and Android users.

Is Libertex platform recognized by professional traders as a one providing best trading experience?

The Libertex platform has a large variety of professional awards that mark Libertex as a platform that provides a best in class trading experience. In 2016 the Libertex platform was chosen as a Best Trading Application in EEU by Global Banking and Finance Review and has won the Best Trading Platform award at FinEXPO. This year Libertex web and mobile applications have also been certified by Financial Commission. It proves that the Libertex trading terminal complies with a comprehensive list of points including system security, capacity, business disaster recovery and a continuity plan, as well as reporting and record keeping, among other important fields. These qualification points marks Libertex as a top-end platform that is in line with current trends and qualifications in the financial world.




Advantages of Libertex

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